2016 Liquid Force LF'N Tao Wakeboard

Hybrid Technology
Performance shape, flex, and response.

Triple Stringer Wood/PU Core
Liquid Force's wood/PU cores give you the best of both worlds; the flex and spring of a solid wood core and the strength and resilience of a PU core.

Stepped Deck
Provides increased strength in the center, lively response, and softer landings.

Single Concave
Center concave softens landings.

Concave Beveled Rail
Smooth and catch-free on the rails with bite and hold on the water.

Triax Glass Layup
Extra strength and extra flex.  This layup provides you with added torsional rigidity and increased longitudinal flex.

3-Stage Rocker
Break in the rocker curve for aggressive riding style.  Flatter center curve for speed and rail control, exaggerated exit angle through the tip for a bucking pop.

Liquid Rails
Elastomeric sidewalls deliver unsurpassed durability and strength for endless cable park progression.

Grind Base
Strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape.  LF's Grind Base molds the board's contours and provides solid protection all season long.

  • Quad channel
  • Finless

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