2017 HO TX

HO Sports TX Water Ski 2017

The H.O TX Ski, is a great slalom ski from tip to tail, delivering the same high performance of the Syndicate Ski design, with a wider tail you get a more stable and effortless ride, giving you the ability to cross the wake with ease. It’s a great ski for anyone that skis the slalom course at 28 – 32 mph or just wants a nice smooth transition on open water. This is an essential ski for a skier interested in the experience of running the course at a more subtle speed while delivering peak performance to turn the buoy like a pro. The TX comes in a size range between 65 thru 71 and is available with Double Binding setup as well as with A Rear Toe Piece. Pair up the ski with some HO Freemax or Xmax Bindings for a comfortable fit. Get it at HO’s #1 retailer in the world Miami Nautique International


  • Wide Ride Shape: increased lift equals decreased drag, for slower speeds, heavier skiers, or energy saving skiing
  • Clean Edge Tail - From the heel of the back foot through the tail for added efficiency by reducing drag by 50%
  • Machined Polyurethane Core: 20% lighter than traditional foam core skis
  • Speed Skin Base: Advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed
  • Acceleration Flex: Automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration
  • Aluminum T-Extrusion Fin Block


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