2017 Ronix Space Blanket -I-Beam Air Core 2

-Speed Walls
-G&R Channels
-4 Alloy 1.0" Ramp Fins and .8" Fiberglass Free Agent Fins
-Erik Ruck and Shota's Pro Model

Ronix Space Blanket I-Beam Aircore 2 (2017)

A next generation of Camber boards with one goal-increased glide speed. The Space Blanket has over 30% less resistance with the water and added top water momentum than it's prodeccessor-the bandwagon-proving that there is nothing slow about camber. For the rider that wants all of the benefits of that unique neutrally balanced camber riding style and the stability of a big board that rides small, without compromising speed and resistance with the water. Comes standard with the Aircore 2.0. The lightest core ever created for the rider that wants the holeshot response out of a turn, and the least amount of swing weight in the air. New for this year, we added a I-Beam Construction to combine our lightest core with one that has even more hangtime off the wake.




Size   HEIGHT (INCHES)  CAMBER  STANCE (6 inches board/Plate)  WEIGHT RANGE (LBS.)
 133  2.4  CAMBER  22-26  UP TO 180 lbs.
 137  2.5  CAMBER  23-27  170 lbs. and up
 141  2.6  CAMBER  24-28  175 lbs. and up

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