2019 Vector Boot - Front Feather Frame (Orange/Black)

The Vector which is Radar's high end open toe boot, built upon both comfort and response. Providing a symmetrical footbed so anyone can still use the ski, though having double lacing for convenience, as well as a feather frame chassis and medium density footbed, to allow for greater feel and response from your ski.


  • Mid Flex

Liner & Lacing

  • Symmetrical Footbed - Whether your left or right foot forward, you will be able to have increased comfort
  • Medium Density Footbed - Provides increased response and comfort
  • Double Lacing for convenience
  • Wrap Tech Level 1


  • Feather Frame Chassis - Reduces Weight and creates a more natural flex in line with the ski

    Additional Features

    • Single 3D Molded Tongue
    • Stitch Lines to stop delamination

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