2022 Hyperlite Landlock 5'9"

2022 Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Landlock is ideal for first timer surfs or veteran surfs looking for something different than the average wakesurfer. This large profile delivers a mellow cruiser rider ideal for learning how to stay in the sweet spot, make your first slashes or try some out of the ordinary tricks. Feeling confident? try and get your toes on the nose and hang 5 or 10! The concave top helps you feel where your feet are not so you can watch where you are instead of your foot placement. The Biolite 3 core reduces weight and increases board performance and response.  

  • Biolite 3 Core 
  • EVA Traction Pad 
  • Compression Molded 
  • Single Concave Bottom 

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