2016 CWB Dowdy

Whether you're hot on Mike Dowdy's tail and jonesin' to land your first 1080 or you just want to stomp your first raley, the CWB Dowdy Wakeboard is the board that will get you there. Fast edge-to-edge transitions, smooth into the wake and explosive off the wake thanks to CWB Subtle 3-Stage Rocker, this board will provide you with the pop and altitude necessary for the most technical tricks. Step-molded side fins provide extra traction for extra speed into the wake allowing for the iconic, cover-shot worthy airs that Mike Dowdy busts on a regular basis. Get the CWB Dowdy Wakeboard to realize your full wake riding potential and to stomp tricks you previously deemed impossible.



Subtle 3-Stage RockerBlends the abrupt bigger pop of a 3-Stage rocker with the smoother predictability of a continuous.


Spooned Tip and Tail Reduces Weight


Reactive Edge Rail


Pro CoreA super light density closed cell polyurethane foam proven to withstand pro level abuse.


Pro Core with Carbon Torsion TechCarbon under the bindings to maintain torsional rigidity.


InfusionA hybrid base formed in polished tools for increased speed and strength for wake and rails.


Step-Molded Fins with 2 Removable .6" Center Fins

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