Eight.3 - Telescope CTN 800lbs

If you can't seem to find the right balance of pushing your buddies from one side of the boat to the other every time you want to change up your wake, then we think it's time you upgrade to the Eight.3 Telescope CTN 800 lbs V-Drive Set Ballast Bag. This bag is the mid-sized ballast bag in the Eight.3 line up and is designed to give off a massive wake without taking up too much space in the back of the boat. High strength vinyl material makes this one of the strongest ballast bags on the market, while a telescoping dry chamber offers the ability to drop any size pump in to drain the weight without having to attach any nozzles. The new trapezoidal shape ensures that this bag won't slide around so you can give your ladies a break and give the Eight.3 Telescope CTN 800 lbs Ballast Bag a try.



ConstructionBy sourcing a new high strength vinyl material, Ronix/Eight.3 now has the strongest ballast bag on the market. All seams and inserts are sonic welded to maintain the highest structural integrity. The telescoping drain port has a waterproof zipper similar to what is found on a dry suit.

Constructed from a single layer of the same durable yet flexible material used to build white water rafts and Fly High Pro X series bags, the Ronix ballast bags offer unmatched strength and durability.


Weight800 lbs


50" L x 22" W x 20" H


All Ronix/Eight.3 ballast bags feature multiple sonic welded threaded ports built into the bags during construction.

3 x 1" Plug and Play PortsOne drain port on each end and one fill/vent port on the top of the bag. Riders looking to fill their bags three times faster will like the huge quick fill port on top right next to the telescoping drain hood.


Designed to fit in the rear compartments of any V-drive boat

A pair of Ronix/Eight.3 V-Drive Sacs also works great on either side of the engine in a direct drive boat for a great wakeboard wake. You may put one on the side of the engine and one between the engine and rear seat for a perfectly surfable wave.


Anti-Roll Bag TechnologyTapered design with the widest area of the bag at the bottom creating a trapezoidal shape: Long gone are the days where your bag flops around in the boat.

Telescoping Dry ChamberAll Eight.3 Telescope bags feature a telescoping dry chamber with a waterproof zipper. Once this chamber is opened, you can drop any size pump into Ronix's patented submersible ballast bag to drain the weight without having to attach any nozzles. The bigger the pump, the quicker it drains without the inconvenience of air locking and re-priming.

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