2015 HO V-Type - Demoed Blem

  • Speed + Angle = Velocity. Born from velocity is V-TYPE. The all new 2015 Syndicate slalom ski comes from over 5 years of research into the speed and angle components of slalom skiing combined into one velocity vector. V-TYPE includes the stability and speed of the Syndicate S-series with the angle seeking aggression of the Syndicate A-series. The result is a refined superski capable of pushing limits while inspiring confidence.

    V-TYPE is built on an all new "V-Shaped" profile. The wider profile of a Syndicate S2 is located under the skier's front foot, but quickly tapers into the narrow tail section of a Syndicate A3. V-TYPE's narrower tail section generates amazing angle immediately out of the buoy, while the wider platform under the skier's front foot provides unmatched speed and stability.

    The all new Velocity Rocker combines an increased tail rocker section with a clearly defined rocker flat spot located under the skier's front foot. The increased tail rocker section allows the ski to naturally seek angle out of the turn and off of the wakes. The rocker flat spot provides the speed needed to reach maximum course width and a solid platform to balance on.

    The finishing touch to the 2015 V-TYPE is Stability Tuning. A strategically located stainless steel tip weight combined with an elastomer damping pad, dampens the natural frequency of the V-TYPE's shovel for increased stability. With an effect similar to a slalom ski's wing, Stability Tuning allows skier's to fine tune tip pressure and harmonic resonance to maximize performance.

    • V-Shape: Narrow width in back for immediate angle off the buoy, with traditional width in front for support and speed
    • Velocity Rocker: Increased tail rocker builds angle into the wakes, while a defined flat spot underfoot enhances speed and stability
    • Stability Tuner: Fine tunes the feel of the ski by applying tip pressure, like a fin wing, while reducing tip vibration
    • Acceleration Flex: automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration
    • Speed Skin: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed
    • Superlite Construction: a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite core technology
    • Syndicate Adjustable Fin Block
    • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

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