2016 Radar Delirium 63" w/ Prime and Vector Rear

Concave in the bottom of a traditional ski creates suction. By making smooth, flat-bottomed skis, that resistance is deleted from the equation. Skiing immediately becomes easier. No restrictions on starts, cuts or turns. Fully free! First time skiers pop out of the water with little effort. Accomplished skiers pivot through turns with a simplicity lost on conventional skis. Rocker deflection in the turn creates additional bend in the ski, resulting in grip and tight radius arcs. Ride behind a big wake boat for big pop and fun airs with subtle landings. Run the slalom course or carve massive lines down your shore.  All this action at a suggested riding speed set between nineteen and twenty-four miles per hour. It’s all freeriding.


Outside Radius Sidecut

Built for the freestyle skier, the Delirium is a stiffer flex pattern for max resistance to flex through the top of the wake for bigger pop release. The shorter length ski has a balanced swing weight for spins and inverts.  The flat bottom design has max resistance on takeoffs and is balanced on landings.

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