Radar Girl's Total Radar Awesomeness - TRA

The P-6 melds proportion and contemporary performance. As the ski with the most amount of surface area in the line, the P-6 floats down the lake with minimal rope tension to hang on to. This translates to simple water starts and effortless acceleration. Slalom has never been easier and more confidence inspiring than on top of our distinguished shape. Many “big” skis with spoon style designs appear to have the answer. The fact is that there is no benefit to the spoon style. Width under foot, not in the tip, gets you on top of the water quicker and holds you stable once there.  At the end of the day, you’re still riding competition features. Guaranteed slalom course performance with surface area benefit.  Take the work out of skiing.



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Type: Slalom - Slalom Skis

Vendor: Radar

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