2016 Radar Lithium Senate

Lithium Senate

Senates have a flowing design. The end of the flat spot connects to a single rocker radius, determining tip height and defining tip rocker. This smooth transition continuously rises out of the concave until it feathers out to the flat surface in the tip. In a turn approach, as the water break moves forward on the ski, a graduating amount of support meets your forward movement. The depth of concave (suction) infinitely fades into the flat surface of the tip (support), creating a ride that is unhindered by tip bite or
erratic speed breaks. This geometry also allows for smooth water flow entering the concave for a consistent ride. A perfect amount of tip height was met to help with rough water conditions and easy wake crossings.

As a core material PVC creates energy from the inside out.
Generally used only on competition skis, this version of Senate offers feedback at an instant. Take our crossover ski to any terrain with our pro level construction.

• .2” wider blueprint
• PVC core
• 100% carbon laminates
• Green tracer carbon layer
• RST (radiused stability turn) tail shape

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