Ronix Koal Classic Stub Fish


Koal Classic ConstructionThe foundation for how a high end surfer should be made. Every Koal Classic is made by machining a core for the most precision shape and rockerline, then hand wrapping it in a fiberglass shell, and finally vacuum bagging it to remove any unneeded resin for the lightest, strongest, and most consistent hand lay up at this price point.

Surf ConstructedLighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile.

Epoxy ConstructionHarder resin equals a stronger board.

CNC CoreHandmade by robots.

Vacuum Bag with Epoxy Resin


New machined concave top deck for more board control and overall feel.

Machined EVA top deck with built-in storage wall.


10.3° Late


1 - 2.9" Hook Fiberglass Fins

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