2015 Ronix Limelight ATR

Ronix Limelight

This ladies Limelight wakeboard combines the best of both worlds with the combination of exclusive camber design and the speed technology of the ‘one series’ helping to produce this advanced utility board.

The unique and exclusive camber design allows the rider to set up their riding position to be as ergonomically centred as possible to gain maximum carve and jump performance. Many riders are leaning towards faster boards these days, to help with top water speed this board is covered in urethane so it’s definitely no water snail!

This board is aimed at the ‘intermediate to advanced’ level rider with its thinner profile reducing swing weight in the air and added grip/release technology giving added traction whether shredding the wake behind a boat or grinding rails in the park.

Key Features:

Camber rocker

Secret flex (Balanced for women, designed for women)

Core (Mod pour)

Edges/Rails (Krypto cable + G/R Technology + Speed walls)

Laminates (Monocoque)

Vertical side wall

Sintered base

Cable speed design

4 Alloy 1.0” ramp fins and 4 fibreglass .8” free agent fins

Intermediate – Advanced

Utility (cable and boat specific)

136cm (2.4” rocker) + (17” waist width) + (up to 175lbs)

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